True Friendship Story

True Friendship Story

Here you come to know a story on true friendship and how a 8 year boy saved a 10 year boy. let’s start the story and see how it is possible.

Two friends lived in a village, one of age 8 and the other was 12.

They both were true friends.

One day they were playing and gone far away from his village.

One boy whose age was 10 did not see a well and fell into it.

The other boy aged 8 worried about how to take him out from well.

The 12-year boy who fell doesn’t know to swim.

The boy out saw a bucket and threw it into the well.

The boy of age 10 hanged on the bucket and the boy of age 8 was pulling it out.

After pulling for some time the boy came out of the well.

They were happy and hugged each other but on the other hand, they were frightened to back village and will narrate what happened then they will get beating.

But what they thought was not true because when the villagers listened to the boy’s they got no faith in what the boy’s were telling.

As the boy of age 8 did not have enough power to even lift an empty bucket.

All the villagers decided to go to the oldest man in his village named Rahim uncle.

After listening to the boy’s Rahim uncle got no shock because he believed in the two boys.

The villagers asked Rahim uncle that they don’t understand how is this possible.

Rahim uncle told that the boys are saying that how the 8-year boy saved his friend of age 10-year.

Rahim uncle continued that the question is not about how but the question is all about why?

The 8-year boy was only motive to take his friend out of the well.

And the important thing in this is that there was no one there who would have told that 8-year old boy that you cannot bring your friend out of the well.


Never stop anyone from doing anything because you never know the power and limits of any person.


Today we see that whatever work we start some people will first judge by telling us this work will not stand nowadays.

So here the question arises of why are they doing so.

If they will not do so then we will cross our limits and will succeed.

We must take Inspiration from the True Friendship Story and never let anyone stop from doing anything.

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