Two friends making their friendship forever

Friends Forever

Here’s a Friends Forever short story where two friends who started arguing turns into an angry fight but when the problem washes away the friendship remains the same.

Once two friends lived in a city.

They decided to go to the beach.

They enjoyed on the beach and one of them decided to make a sand castle.

Both of them agreed and they started making sand castle from the sand.

After hours of hard work, they built a sandcastle on the beach.

After building the sandcastle one of them ran towards the shop and brought a flag.

They could not decide where to put the flag.

One of them wanted it on the top of the castle but the other one wanted it in front of the castle.

Soon the argument turned into an angry fight.

They could not decide where to put the flag.

They were so engaged in fighting that they didn’t notice the waves were washing over the sand castle and destroying it.

After the waves fully destroyed the sand castle one of the friends saw the sand castle.

They both sat near the sandcastle and started laughing.

They were talking to each other that the fight was for a mount of sand and again started laughing.

They forgot the fight and now they were friends again.


Problems come and go but the friendship is forever.


We see in life how people left friends due to some small fights.

They don’t understand the value of friends because friendship is a relation that took birth from the heart and then it continues to be there.

The relationship of friendship is not made by relatives but comes from the heart.

So value your friendship and respect your friends.

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