The Clever Minister sand bucket

The Clever Minister

Once there was a clever minister in a kingdom who got punishment so as not to show his face to the king.

He was walking by the streets he saw a wrestler carried by four men and a huge procession heading towards the palace.

He was curious to know what was happening in the kingdom.

Then he comes to know that the wrestler came to challenge the best wrestler in the kingdom.

The king announced in the kingdom, “Is there anyone who could save the honor of our kingdom.”

Now there was only one man who would save the honor of the kingdom but he was punished and told not to see his face.

The next day a visitor came to the palace with a pot in his head.

The king asked, “Who are you, and why is this pot in your head.”

The man replied, “I am the minister whom you punished and I came here with this pot because you have told not to show your face.”

The king had nothing to see rather than to laugh.

The minister told to call all the wrestlers of the kingdom to decide the strategy.

The king ordered all the wrestlers to meet the minister in a closed room.

On the decided day the wrestler came and announced to the people there is no one who would compete with me.

Then the ministers appeared in front of the wrestler.

The minister said, “I want my opponent to do what I do with close eyes.

But the twist is the opponent’s eyes should be opened.”

The wrestler thought what a childish thing to defeat my opponent without any fight.

He nodded his head and accepted the challenge.

The assistant brought a bucket full of sand and told the wrestler to sit.

The wrestler was surprised.

The assistant threw the sand to the wrestler’s face.

But the wrestler closed his eyes in fear of losing his eyesight.

This is how the minister won and the honor of the kingdom was saved.


It all begins and ends in your mind. If you think you are defeated then you will lose and if you think you will going to win then you will.


We see in life how people accept defeat before participating.

But the clever one will win because he knew win and defeat are in our minds.

If our mind thinks we will win then no matter what the circumstances are.

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