Pots of Gold Story

Pots of Gold Story

Here’s a Pots of Gold Story where the seventh pot was a cursed pot due to which the barber’s life became hell. Greed loses what gained.

Once there was a barber who lived in a village.

He and his wife lived happily in the village.

The barber doesn’t have any greed and works hard.

He was a skilled and honest barber in his village.

Barber would earn sufficient so that he would run his house happily.

One day the king called the barber to the palace and offered him to work in the palace.

Barber happily accepted the proposal and for cutting hairs barber used to get a gold coin.

Both barber and his wife were happy after getting so much money.

One day when the barber was returning from the palace, he heard a voice which said, “I have heard of you are a very honest barber what if I give you seven pots full of gold?”

Barber first was scared but then he has to answer so he answered yes.

The voice told the barber before you reach home the seven pots of gold will be at your home.

When he reached home he saw the pots full of gold but the seventh pot was half empty.

Barber said to his wife no worry we will save money and fill the seventh pot.

The next day he work hard and he put all his savings into the seventh pot.

After days passed but the pot was not filled.

Then the barber decided to give his wife a small sum of money and put all his earnings into the pot.

Due to this the barber and his wife started a quarrel.

One day when the king asked why you so irritated?

Barber replied, my expense increased.

So the king increased his pay.

But then also he was upset and irritated.

Then the barber told about the seven golden pots.

After listening the king knew that the seventh pot must be a cursed pot.

So he suggested the barber return those pots.

Barber decided to return those pots where he heard the voice.

After that day barber lived a happy life.


Greed will one day destroy us because God knows everything. So what we have to be happy and thanks to God for giving us such a beautiful life.


We see in life how people do greedy things and then they had to pay.

So live life happily because no one knows when will out life’s end.

So spend your life happily.

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