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Two Best Friends Story of water pot

Two Best Friends Story

Here’s a Two Best Friends Story where the two friends start earning money but one of them thought for his future and see what happens. Once two friends lived in a village. Both of them spend most of the time sitting under a tree. One day one of them saw that the woman of the […]

four friendship moral stories

Four Friends Moral Story

Here’s a Four Friends Moral Story in which three friends make a lion back to his life with their mantras and what happens next let’s see. Once there were four friends. Their friendship was so good that they grew together. Four friends were very learned boys and have a good knowledge and they have the […]

story of two friends and sword inspiration

Two Friends and Sword Story

Here’s a two friends and sword story which will make us understand if we share sorrow then sharing happiness is also important. So let’s start the story. In a village, there were two friends name raj and Rahim. They decided to go to the neighbor’s village in search of work. When they were passing by […]