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Two Friends and Sword Story

Here’s a two friends and sword story which will make us understand if we share sorrow then sharing happiness is also important. So let’s start the story.

In a village, there were two friends name raj and Rahim.

They decided to go to the neighbor’s village in search of work.

When they were passing by a forest raj saw a sword hanging on the tree.

The sword was very beautiful and as raj sees the sword he said in excitement “I found a sword”.

Rahim corrected him and said, “Not I but we found a sword because we are walking together”.

Raj replied to Rahim that I saw the sword first so it is mine.

Then they both climb the tree with the help of each other and Raj took the sword with him by his side.

The sword was so charming that whoever sees it wants that sword.

Rahim didn’t say any word and started moving forward.

As they reached their neighborhood village a group of people gathered and stopped them from moving forward.

One of the men caught raj from his neck and saying “He is the one who killed the people in our village with this sword”.

After listening to this Raj said to Rahim, “We are in trouble Rahim”.

Then Rahim corrected him “Not we, you are in trouble”.

After that, the people of the village tied a rope on the hand of raj and started to take him to their village for punishment.

Then Rahim felt bad and decided to freed raj.

He then clears what happened with them when they were coming to their village.

Rahim narrated the story then they believed him and released Raj.

Then Raj apologized for his behavior and thanked him for helping out in difficult situations.


We must not only share sorrows but also happiness with our friends.


In our life, we see that we take help with our friends but at the time of happiness, we forget about them and be with the friends whom we don’t know properly.

We must learn from Two Friends and Sword story.

So after reading this story without forgetting, message your friends who are not with you but are always there in your bad times.

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