four friendship moral stories

Four Friends Moral Story

Here’s a Four Friends Moral Story in which three friends make a lion back to his life with their mantras and what happens next let’s see.

Once there were four friends.

Their friendship was so good that they grew together.

Four friends were very learned boys and have a good knowledge and they have the attitude of knowing everything.

One day they were passing by a forest, they saw the bones and flesh of an animal who died.

They all were guessing that the bone and flesh would be of a tiger.

One of the friends said that he would fix all the bones, the other friend said that he will fix all the flesh and the third friend said he will alive the animal.

The three boys were in ego that they would alive the animal with their power of knowledge.

But the fourth friend stopped everyone and told to his friends that it could be dangerous and we will have to pay.

The three friends shut the fourth friend’s mouth and didn’t listen to him.

They all have a grudge of having knowledge and now they are applying.

The first friend started chanting and waving his hand in the air and fix all the bones.

Then the second friend started chanting and then the flesh of the animal fixed.

When the third friend started his mantra, the fourth friend stopped him and said we all will get in trouble if we do so.

The third friend didn’t listen and started chanting the mantra.

As the third friend started chanting the fourth friend climbed the tree.

As the lion got his life back he sees three boys in front of him and attacked them and they were dead.

After eating, the lion goes from there.


Ego, grudge all there are bad for human beings because we feel that we have the power with which we will not die.


We see in life without knowing the consequences we take the step and then we regret it.

So in order to take any action, there should not be any ego or grudge because this will lead to many problems.

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