the golden swan garden with fountain

The Golden Swan

Here’s The Golden Swan story where the two friends fighting for the swan but they were fighting because the swan belongs to you.

Once there were two close friends Dholu and Vasu lived in a village.

The feeling of affection was so much that they both were always ready to help each other.

One day Dholu came to Vasu and asked him for a piece, of land so that he could start farming.

Vasu gave him a piece of land and on the same day,

Dholu started his work.

He started plowing the field before sowing the seeds.

Suddenly he saw a golden swan buried in the ground.

He took out the golden swan and went to Vasu.

Dholu said to his friend Vasu that he found a golden swan from his land.

So the swan belongs to Vasu.

But Vasu said no, the golden swan belongs to you Dholu because I agree the land is mine but if you haven’t started plowing the field then how could I find it?

So, the swan belongs to you.

When they couldn’t reach a decision, then they went to the royal court.

The king heard their story and was surprised that the kingdom had people like this.

The two want their friend to benefit so they are fighting.

The king suggested that they can sell the golden swan and divide the money into two.

But the two friends were not satisfied.

So, again the king suggested breaking the golden swan into two pieces and keeping each piece.

But the two friends didn’t agree because they assumed that the swan didn’t belong to them.

So, the king has to call his best jewel Tenali Rama.

Tenali Rama thought for a while and said we first sell the golden swan to the gold dealer and with that money, we can build a garden in which all types of trees, flowers, and fruits will be grown.

And in the middle of the garden, there will be a fountain on which there will be a marble statue of two swans.

The garden will enhance the beauty of the kingdom and also a refreshing environment.

And the statue of the two swans will keep reminding the story of the kindness of these two friends.


The friendship is born from the heart.


We see in life how we fight with our friends for small things but the above story teaches us a lesson that whatever the situation is either good or bad we have to be with our friends only.

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