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Two Best Friends Story of water pot

Two Best Friends Story

Here’s a Two Best Friends Story where the two friends start earning money but one of them thought for his future and see what happens. Once two friends lived in a village. Both of them spend most of the time sitting under a tree. One day one of them saw that the woman of the […]

Sparrow death story

Sparrow Story

Here’s a Sparrow Story where the sparrow was right of not stealing the curd but the crow didn’t listen and due to his act the sparrow died. Once there were two best friends sparrow and a crow. They lived on a banyan tree for years. One day they were very hungry and decided to go […]

The Deer Short Story where she graze fields

The Deer Short Story

Here’s The Deer Short Story where the deer didn’t knew the intention of the fox and got trapped but her friend helped her out. Once there was a crow and a deer who lived in the forest. They were good friends. One day a fox saw the deer and thought of eating it as it […]

Two stories about friends

True Friendship story in English

Here’s a story of two friends who teaches us when to write on sand and when on stone. This is a short Inspiring story towards friendship. So let’s start the story. Two friends were traveling in the wilderness. On the way to their trip, they argued with each other and one friend slapped the other. […]