Lamp Story

Lamp Story

Here’s a Lamp Story where the saint gave greedy man four lamp and with the help of the fourth lamp the greedy man fall in his own greed.

Once in a city lived a very rich man.

Having so much wealth he wants more.

One day he heard that a priest came to the city.

So he thought of inviting him to his home for hospitality.

He warmly welcomed the priest and served him with the best service.

When the saint was leaving he gave the man four lamps.

And said, “If you want more money then light the first lamp and travel to the East, and when the lamp extinguishes dig the place and you will find the wealth.”

Again if you need more money then light the second lamp and travel towards the west and where the lamp extinguishes dig the place and you will find wealth.

If you need more then light the third lamp and travel towards the north direction with the lamp and when the lamp is extinguished dig the ground you will find the wealth.

With the remaining lamp don’t light the lamp and travel in any direction.

The man did as the saint said him to do.

With the help of the first lamp, he found diamonds and pearls.

With the help of a second lamp, he found gold and silver.

And with the third lamp, he found ruby, scarlet, gem, etc.

After getting all the wealth he thought for more and took the last lamp and went in that direction.

He found a palace and on entering he saw a room full of gold, silver, ruby, diamonds.

Then he heard a sound of a mill and went to the next room.

He saw an old mas running the mill.

When the old man saw a man come to him he wanted help so the man helped with greed as he was thinking that the old man was is so rich because of the mill.

The man sat and started running the mill.

The old man stood up and said, “I came here many years ago and due to the running of the mill this place is safe if the mill stops the palace will fall. When I was young and due to my greed I came here and now leaving the place after a long time.”

The man shouted to the old man and said, “How will I be freed?”

The old man replied, “Wait for another greedy man to come then only you could be free.”


Thank God for what he gave you and be happy with it.


We see in life people believe they have worked very hard and earn wealth.

But if it was true then the richest person will be the laborers.

So, the one who is rich and has wealth is given by God.

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