Time and Tide Wait for None story of four friends

Time and Tide Wait for None

Here’s a Time and Tide Wait for None story where the four friends who met after forty years regret that one of them died before meeting.

Once there were four friends.

They decided for a party in a hotel and gathered there after the class.

They all ate the food and when it was time for the bill they all contributed and paid the bill.

After the payment one of them thought that if you all accept the challenge.

Everyone asked what challenge. One said if we meet after forty years and at this restaurant whoever would be more rich will pay the bill.

Everyone accepted the challenge and the waiter was standing beside listening to them.

He came and said if I would be here after forty years then I will serve you food.

They all agreed and after forty years everything changed.

The small hotel now became a five-star hotel and the waiter now became the manager of the hotel.

So the first friend who was now the owner of a car showroom, came to the hotel in a luxurious car and entered the hotel.

The waiter who became the manager recognized him and went to greet him.

After some time the second friend came who was now the owner of three jewellery shops.

Then the third friend came who was now the owner of a mill.

They all greeted and started waiting for their fourth friend.

The manager came and said your fourth friend called me and said he will be late so you can order and have food.

So, the three friends ordered the food and ate but the fourth friend didn’t come.

Now, it was time to pay the bill again the manager came and said your bill is paid by your fourth friend.

They were confused and after waiting for some time, they went outside the hotel.

They saw that a government vehicle was standing at the gate and a boy came out.

He came to them and said I am the district magistrate and son of your fourth friend who is now not alive.

He continued that his father died of cancer and before he died he told me to arrange everything for his friends when they meet after forty years.


Life is very short, so make the most of it. You don’t know when your last day is.


We see in life how people take time for granted and when the day comes then everyone has to go.

So don’t waste time and spend it with your family and friends.

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