Truth Of Life saint begging for food

Truth Of Life

Here’s a Truth Of Life Inspiring story where we know the real truth of life that is our faith and the honesty is the rain and wisdom is plough.

Once there was a very rich farmer who invited all the people of his village for lunch.

The guest arrived and all started to eat the best food.

Then arrived a saint.

The saint entered the party and searched for the farmer who organized the party.

The people who saw the saint happily gave him some money or their belongings.

Then the farmer met the saint and asked, “What do you want?”

The saint replied, “I beg you for the food oh farmer.”

The farmer got angry and told the saint, “Why don’t you earn living by doing some work? If you work then you need not be begging in front of anyone.”

The saint with patience listened to the rich farmer.

The farmer continued that if I don’t sow and plough then I will also not have to eat like you.

Saint answered and said I too plough and sow then I eat.

As the farmer listened he asked the saint where are your bullocks, your seed?

Saint said, faith is the seed I sow, good works are the rain that fertilizes it, wisdom and modesty are the plough and thus all sorrow ends.

Listening to the lesson the farmer offered food to the saint on a golden plate full of rice and vegetables.

The farmer said let the teacher of mankind have the food to eat.

The saint ate the food and left the place.


What you plough and sow in your mind really matters because one day you will become what you admit.


We see in life how people only think of the world and the entire life they waste to get all the material things in this world.

The people whose minds are clear and know life will never forget God.

Because god is the only one who gives someone wealth and someone poverty.

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