Zen answer to the man story

Zen Answer to A Man Story

Here’s a Zen answer to a man story where we know the answer of why did you not punish the man instead leave him why? So let’s start the story.

Once there was a zen passing by a street in a village.

One man came to him with a stick and beat the zen.

Due to which the zen fell with the stick and the man who beat the zen ran away.

When the zen got up with the stick and started running behind the man.

After running for some distance the man stop and the zen gave him the stick back.

The villages saw them running gathered and asked them why they were running.

The man narrated what happened how he beat the zen with the stick and how the zen return the stick to the man.

Every man was curious to know why zen gave him the stick back as he has to run such a long distance to that man.

The zen answer to the man that I have nothing to say but to give that stick back.

I am assuming that man to the tree.

When we take rest under a tree and the branch fall on us then what we do, we do nothing.

So I have done nothing and gave him the stick back because this stick belongs to him.

The man from the crowd replied that the man hit you with a stick and you are forgiving him why?

This man is like tree to me so why do I respond and why to punish him as similar as we give punishment to tree no so why do I punish the man.

And yes he was the hitting man and I was hit so what.

We must be familiar and kind to everyone no matter how the human being is.


We are here in this world for a reason and do our duties as to take the path of god. Because one day every thing will gonna fade but the harsh truth is death and after that we have to face god.


We see in life how people react to small things and punish the culprit but they don’t know there is God who is there to punish those people.

Our only thing to do is to spare the culprit as we saw in zen answer to a man story and leave to God.

He has a plan for every human being.

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