The Story of The Rich Man with no peace of mind

The Story of The Rich Man

Here’s The Story of The Rich Man where he wants peace of mind so he start living with the sage and he learned the lesson of his life.

Once lived a rich man who has wealth, land, and factories but there was no peace of mind.

One day he comes to know that a sage lives in his area who has the power to rest his mind.

So he decided to visit him.

He went and told the sage I have everything but no peace of mind.

The rich man thought that with his power he will make his life peaceful.

But the sage told me to spend some day with him.

He agreed and started living with the sage.

The very first morning he told the rich man to sit under the sun and himself sat under the shed.

The rich man thought in this summer he himself sat under a shed and told me to sit under the sun.

He wanted to get up but he had to do what the sage will tell him.

So he kept sitting until dawn.

Then the next day he told the rich man not to eat the whole day.

He was confused about what the sage wanted.

The rich man didn’t eat but the sage ate in front of the rich man with pleasure.

It was the first day when he had not eaten anything the whole day in his life.

That night he didn’t sleep because he was very hungry.

The next day the rich man started packing his bag and was about to leave.

The sage saw and asked him where are you going?

The rich man said I don’t want to live with you because I am here for the solution to my problem.

The sage laughed and said, “I gave you so much but you didn’t even take it.”

The rich man stopped and was confused.

You didn’t give me anything and now lying.

The sage said I made you sit under the sun and myself sitting under the shade can’t be helpful to you.

Similarly, when you were hungry and I was eating this also can’t be helpful to you.

If you want the answer then you have to walk the way to which you will achieve what you want.


We are wealthy due to our own efforts but to find peace of mind our own effort must come into play.


We see in life how rich people think that they will get what they want with the help of money but they forget that what they did for money they have to do for the peace of mind.

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