Magical Pot filled with golden coins Story

Magical Pot Story

Here’s a Magical Pot Story where the greedy man saw the magical pot and wished to get a pot bigger than his neighbor. what he get’s let’s see

Once there lived a wise man in a village.

He has a magical pot.

He used to get whatever he wished from the pot.

If he put something inside the pot then it becomes double.

So one of his neighbors saw the pot.

He saw that whatever he put into the pot it gets doubled.

So he duplicated the pot. And put all his coins inside the pot but there was no result.

So he went to the wise man and asked how did you get the pot?

The wise man said a saint gave me as a blessing and I served him for years, I didn’t wish to get the pot but he gave me out of compassion and mercy.

The man asked who is the saint and where he lives.

The wise man said the saint lives in the forest.

The neighbor thought that I will also go.

He went to the saint and started his sweet talk with the saint.

He started falling at his feet again and again and pleaded to give a pot to him also.

You showed mercy on my neighbor but make a pot that will be bigger than him.

Because he only has two people in his home he and his wife but I have children also.

The saint saw him and felt this man is very lazy and very greedy.

He said ok and gave him a pot.

The saint said whatever you wish will double the wish.

He took the pot to his home and wishes for a mango.

The pot said why does a single mango, take two.

The man said ok give me two mangoes then the pot said why two mangoes, take four mangoes.

The man said ok give me four mangoes, then the pot said why four, take eight mangoes.

The pot just keep saying but did not give anything.


Money doesn’t bring happiness, your happiness brings money.


We see in life how people think that money is everything but they don’t know that money only gives hope of happiness but never gives true happiness.

So be kind and a good human being because the only thing that matters is your good deeds.

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