Set Your Goal story of seeing the target first

Set Your Goal

Here’s a Set Your Goal Inspiring Story where you will learn the story that if you want to achieve the goal first set your goal and see it.

Once there was a master and a student who lived near a forest.

The master called his student to see him while he was practicing shooting the arrow.

The student did as his master told him to do.

But the student already saw his master shooting the arrow a hundred times.

They walked through the forest until they saw a spot where the master could practice.

The rays of the sun were falling on the big oak tree right in the middle of it.

Then the master open his bag and proceed to unpack the items which he brought with him.

As usual he took out a bow and the arrows.

Then he took out a small flower under his belt and fixed it on the oak’s branches.

But this time he carried with him a scarf which he asked his student to tie on his eyes.

The boy tied the scarf and directed him towards the oak tree.

Then the master took his bow and the arrow and took his shorts.

After shooting his arrow he told his student to see whether the arrow hit the flower or not.

As he got near the tree the student noticed that the flower was fixed where it was.

He searched for the arrow but he found the arrow far away.

He took the arrow and went back to his master.

The master asked him with a smile did the arrow hit the target or not?

The student first hesitated to tell but the student didn’t tell the lie.

So he said that the arrow doesn’t even hit the oak tree and you missed with a big length, master.

The student then asked I thought that you will teach me that with concentration and power the arrow much hit the target.

The master replied, “But you won’t ever hit a target that you cannot see.”


Setting a goal is the first step in turning the dream into reality.


We see in life how people use concentration and power without having any goal so as a result, they miss the target.

So open your eyes and see where you want to go in your life.

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