The Power Of Education rope in dark

The Power Of Education

Here’s The Power Of Education Inspiring story where disciple in the darkness saw the rope as snake and in the light it was clearly the rope.

Once there was a saint who lived in the ashram.

One of the disciples asked the saint, “What is the power of education?”

The saint replied, “You will know one day.”

One night the saint told his disciple to take his book and keep it in his room.

The room was dark but the disciple entered it and when he was about to keep the book in his room he came out in fear.

The saint asked, “What happened?”

The disciple replied, “There is a snake in your room.”

The saint said, “No it is an illusion how come my room has a snake.”

Saying this he told the disciple to enter the room and keep the book on the desk.

The disciple was feared so the saint told him the mantra.

And said enter the room if you see the snake then recite the mantra and the snake will run away.

Disciple again entered the room and started reciting the mantra.

He saw the snake and started reciting the mantra.

Again the disciple came out of the room in fear.

And went to the saint and said the snake is not moving after reciting the mantra.

This time the saint handed the disciple a lighted lamp and told him to enter the room.

The saint said as the snake will see the light he will run away.

The disciple entered the room with the lighted lamp and what he saw.

He saw a rope hanging in the place of the snake and because of the darkness, he mistook that piece of rope as a snake.

The disciple went to the saint and said there was no snake but only a piece of rope.

The saint smiled and said, “Son, this is the answer to your question.”


Education is power.


We see in life how people are trapped in the world of illusion and only the light of knowledge can remove it.

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