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Taking Responsibility for your action story of two neighbor

Taking Responsibility

Here’s a Taking Responsibility for your action an Inspiring Story where the family who fight and the family who lives peacefully and friendly. Once two families were living in a city. The first family has a husband, and wife with two kids, and the second family has a husband, wife, and a single kid. Both […]

four candles talking with each other

Candle Of Hope

Here’s a Candle Of Hope Inspiring story which teaches us the candle of hope will lit the light of love, peace and faith in one’s life. Once there were four candles lit inside a room. The atmosphere of the room was so quiet that anyone could hear the talking of the candles. The first candle […]

Loving Couple Story of blind husband

Loving Couple Story

Here’s a Loving Couple Story where the beautiful girl who was loved by her husband has not become ugly. what happens next let’s see. Once there was a very nice couple who was living a happy life. The man admired her wife’s beauty and loved her very much. One day the wife came to know […]

Salty Coffee Story of a coffee and salt

Salty Coffee Story

Here’s a Salty Coffee Story of a boy and a girl who got married by lived a happy life and the boy drinks coffee by adding sugar into it. Once there was a boy who saw a beautiful girl at the party. The girl was so beautiful and the boy was so shy. The boy […]

True Love Story boy proposes the girl

True Love Story

Here’s a True Love Story where the girl lost her voice in an accident. the boy does marriage with the girl let’s read the story. Once there was a girl who liked a boy and both of them were good friends. But the family of the girl didn’t accept the boy to be his friend. […]

Story of The Touchstone within pebbles touchstone is present

Story of The Touchstone

Here’s a Story of The Touchstone where a poor man tries to find the touchstone near the sea but didn’t find. what happens next let’s see. Once a library which burnt due to the storybook. That story contains some secrets but one of its copies was not burnt. The poor man went to the burnt […]

Struggle Story of a mother who works for her daughter

Struggle Story

Here’s a Struggle Story of a mom works as a cloth cleaner and clear all her daughter’s fees till post graduate. let’s see what happen next. Once there was a girl who came as a candidate for an interview. After clearing the first round and now she was at the last round which was an […]

Husband Wife Love Story after Marriage

Husband Wife Love Story After Marriage

Here’s a Husband Wife Love Story after Marriage, how wife got solution by a dairy to solve small problems. Everybody must read it. Once there was a loving couple. They were happy with each other and were leading a beautiful life. Their relationship was so pure that everybody give examples of their relationship. The day […]