mother son stories of saving life of his son

Mother and Son Stories

Here’s a Mother and Son Stories which will show us the love of a mother who not left his son to the alligator and bravely saved him.

Once there was a mother who lived with his son near a lake.

In the hot day the boy decided to swim in the lake.

The boy jumped and after some time, he didn’t know that he went to the middle of the lake.

When his mother wants to see his son she sees that far coming two alligators.

His mom came out of the house and started shouting that two alligators are coming so swim back towards the home.

The boy as soon as heard returned to the home but when he was returning one of the alligators bite the leg of the boy and soon his mother came and pull him with the hand of his son.

The alligator was not leaving the leg of the boy and the mother was not leaving the hand of his son.

There a fisherman was crossing from the lake and saw that the alligator was pulling the leg of the boy and mother was pulling the hand of the boy.

He soon goes there and lets that alligator remove from his leg and shot the alligator there.

The mother even didn’t let the boy give to the animal and the boy saved.

After taking him to the hospital his life was saved and after recovering he came home.

Everyone was surprised how he returned from the mouth of the alligator.

He opens his pant and showed the marks of the teeth of the alligator which was severe.

And then he proudly shows some scars which were in his arms.

Everyone asked about the scars which were on his arm?

The boy said the scars on my arm were of my mother which I proudly show because if my mother could have left me then I won’t have survived.


This is how God pulls us from difficult times when we have faith in god. The problem pulls our leg but God pulls our hand and makes us the winner.


We see in life how mothers are sensitive and didn’t see their children in trouble.

What we do is don’t respond to them we don’t give respect to them when we grow up.

Stop doing all this and respect your mom and spend most of your time with them because you never know who will live in this world for how long.

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