Story of The Touchstone within pebbles touchstone is present

Story of The Touchstone

Here’s a Story of The Touchstone where a poor man tries to find the touchstone near the sea but didn’t find. what happens next let’s see.

Once a library which burnt due to the storybook.

That story contains some secrets but one of its copies was not burnt.

The poor man went to the burnt place he saw a book which was not burnt.

The book name was secret of touchstone.

He read the book in which there was a story where it was written that there is a touchstone that exists.

The touchstone would change any common metal into gold.

And also mention the place where it found.

The poor man sold all his belongings and bought basic supplies to search for the stone.

In the book, written that the touchstone will be the same as of pebble.

But the only difference will be the pebble feels cold when touch but the touchstone will feel warm.

The man reached the black sea and at the shore search the touchstone everywhere.

Now he started his search he took one pebble in his hand and feels whether it is cold or warm.

Whenever he picks up the pebble he feels cold and throws the stone into the water.

He continued doing this for the whole day but didn’t find it.

The next day he again set up in the search for the touchstone every stone he picks up feels cold and throws into water.

He again did this for the next day.

Like this, the days passed and it was a year he didn’t get the touchstone.

But he continued his search for the next year and this continued for 5 years.

One day when he picked up a pebble he feels warm but due to his habit of throwing pebbles into the water after checking he threw the touchstone to the water and continued his search.


When we put up the habit then we don’t respect those whom we need most because if we find what we are searching for then due to our habit we lose them.


This is how we forget that the person is important in life after searching we get love but throw because of our habit of throwing it.

With this habit, we only destroy our future.

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