Salty Coffee Story of a coffee and salt

Salty Coffee Story

Here’s a Salty Coffee Story of a boy and a girl who got married by lived a happy life and the boy drinks coffee by adding sugar into it.

Once there was a boy who saw a beautiful girl at the party.

The girl was so beautiful and the boy was so shy.

The boy wanted to talk to the girl but he won’t have the courage to go and tell the girl.

In the end, he gathered all the courage and went to the girl.

And said, “I want to invite you to the coffee date.”

The girl politely accepted the boy’s invitation.

They met at the coffee shop.

Minutes passed by but they were only seeing each other and smiling.

Looking like the conversation between them will not start.

Then the waiter brought the coffee and the boy asked the waiter for the salt.

Everyone stared at the boy and the silence spread across the coffee shop.

The girl asked, “Why this unusual habit?”

After drinking two to three sips of coffee he replied, “when I was a boy I lived near the sea, l like playing near the sea and after mixing salt into coffee I feel like I am close to my home and my parents. I miss my parents and my childhood days so to remember my home I do this unusual activity and started crying.”

The girl’s heart deeply touched.

She thought the man who remembers his home, family, and childhood would love from the depth of the heart.

Then they started talking about his childhood.

The girl impressed by the boy and decided to marry him.

After the marriage, the boy continued to drink the salted coffee.

After 40 years the man died and after days passed the girl found a letter in his bag.

The letter written to his wife which said I want to apologize to you my love for telling lie.

The lie was that I don’t like salt with coffee the taste was bad.

When we first met I asked the waiter for sugar but I told it wrong and I didn’t have the courage to correct it.

This was the only lie which I told and I wanted to tell you the truth but I didn’t do so.

I want you to forgive me and want you in my every life.


The best thing one could do is to love the woman by giving her the heart.


We see in life how people cheat their loved ones but they don’t know what true love really means.

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