Two Brothers Story who divided all things due to their fight

Two Brothers Story

Here’s a Two Brothers Story where we see how an elder brother becomes smart and at the end he has to pay for his smartness. let’s see

Once there were two brothers who lived happily together in a village.

One day they both had a fight and decided to divide things in half.

The elder brother Ajay and the younger brother Varun agreed to it.

Everything they divided into half and at last a blanket, a cow, and a mango tree was left.

Ajay was generous and smart, Varun was simple-minded so Ajay told to Varun there is only one blanket.

So you use it in the morning till afternoon and after that give that blanket to me at night.

Then Ajay said the front portion of the cow is yours and the end will be mine.

Then Ajay said to Varun lower half of the mango tree will be yours and the upper half will be mine.

Gentle Varun agreed.

The next day when Ajay came and ask for the blanket at night.

Varun gave to Ajay and whole night Varun shivers.

The next day when Varun woke up he feed the cow and Ajay had all the milk with himself and made butter and curd.

Then Varun waters the tree of mango and Ajay plugs delicious and ripped fruit and eats himself.

Doing this for days Varun then decided to go to his friend who was wise and ask him for the solution.

He went and told everything to his wise friend and he told what I will tell you to do it and see what happens.

He told when Ajay wants a blanket then give him the wet blanket and don’t feed the cow and cut the other half of the tree which belongs to Ajay.

The next day what his friend told him he did and that night Ajay slept with shivering.

The morning when he went to take milk from the cow he kicked him because he was taking out milk without feeding.

When he went to eat delicious mangoes he saw Varun with an axe.

He was about to cut the tree in half.

Ajay stopped him and request not to cut the tree as he understood and told sorry to him.


No one has the right to cheat others because one or the other day he has to pay for it.


We see in life how people cheat others with money or work.

They think that they are the only one who is intelligent and smart.

But they forget that the one who made them is sitting and seeing everyone.

When he will teach you a lesson then no one will be going to save you.

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