Taking Responsibility for your action story of two neighbor

Taking Responsibility

Here’s a Taking Responsibility for your action an Inspiring Story where the family who fight and the family who lives peacefully and friendly.

Once two families were living in a city.

The first family has a husband, and wife with two kids, and the second family has a husband, wife, and a single kid.

Both families live nearby.

The first family lives peacefully and friendly but the second one constantly fights.

The second family fights every day for small reasons.

So feeling jealous, the wife decided to find out how their neighbor lives peacefully and friendly.

So he told her husband to find out the reason.

So the husband entered the neighbor’s garden and went near the window to find out.

He hid behind and started watching their activity.

He saw a woman cleaning the floor.

Suddenly something distracted her and she ran to the kitchen.

So her husband was sitting on the sofa.

As he saw her wife running towards the kitchen he also ran behind her.

In a hurry he did not notice the bucket of water, he kicked it and spilled water all over the floor.

Then his wife came back from the kitchen and saw the water on the floor.

The wife said to the husband, “Sorry honey it’s my fault I was in a rush so I forgot to move the bucket out of the way.”

Then the husband said, “No honey it’s my fault as I did not notice the bucket and kicked it.”

The man was hiding and saw what all happened and returned home.

His wife asked him, “Did you find out their secret?”

The man replied, “I think the difference is that we always seek to be right while they take responsibility for their part.”


Relationships are responsibilities.


We see in life how people fight with their wives or husband to be right.

But if they take responsibility for their part then almost all problems are solved.

So, love your life partner and be kind so that the rest of your life will be good.

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