Short Story about Friendship with Moral where the broken bridge is there.

Short Story about Friendship with Moral

Here’s a Short Story About Friendship With Moral where Birbal saved his friend life but his friend thanked him and promise to give reward.

Once Birbal and his friends decided to go for a walk in the kingdom.

They all gathered at a place where they all meet.

They all set out to the village where a river was flowing between them and the land.

And there was a bright which was very old and looks like it will fall anytime.

Firstly Birbal attempted and he passed over the bridge and waiting for the friends to come.

That bridge was so old that on walking it was slippery but Birbal crossed it safely.

The other friend of Birbal when attempted to cross the river the bridge broke from between and his friend was almost near the shore.

When his friend was falling Birbal stood down and hold his friend’s hand tightly.

His friend was saved by Birbal and he was pulling his friend up so that he could reach the shore safely.

His friend almost reached the shore and he promised Birbal that he will reward him with money and jewelers for saving his life.

Birbal listened and left the hand of his friend and he fell down into the river.

His friend didn’t get why Birbal left his hand when he was almost at the shore. He asked Birbal, “Why did you leave my hand?”

Birbal replied, “To take my reward.”

His friend asked, “When I will reach the shore then only I will give you reward but you left my hand before.”

Birbal said, “You promised to give reward so there was not any condition that after saving your life or before and you promised so you have to”

Then Birbal’s friend realized that how fast he made promise although he hadn’t reached the shore.

Then he realized that friendship is precious it doesn’t have any conditions, any promises, and thanks.


Never make a promise in haste.


We see in life how people make promises before then they had to regret so work with your hard work, not with the mouth.

The tongue is a very dangerous enemy of ours if we didn’t control it.

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