Short Story about Anger painting

Short Story about Anger

Here’s a Short Story about Anger is a heart breaking story where a husband without knowing did this to his wife in anger. let’s see

There was a couple whose marriage got 8 years but they don’t have a baby.

They hoped that before the 9th anniversary they will have a baby.

Their family and friends told them to take divorce but they loved each other so much.

One day when the husband was returning home from his work he saw his wife with a man walking by the street.

They were happy.

The next day again husband saw his wife with the same man in the park.

They were happy, laughing and hugging each other.

One day when the husband was returning home with his work he saw that same man dropped his wife home with a flying kiss.

That day he got angry and sad.

He thought that his wife was not happy with him and now she is loving that man.

After a Tired day when the husband was home phone rang.

When the husband picked up the phone the voice of a man came and told

“Hello dear, I will be coming to your home for dinner”

After listening this husband got angry and cut the phone.

He angrily called his wife when she came and asked what happened he pushed her and her head struck the corner of the wall.

She fell and was senseless.

He saw a piece of paper in his wife’s hand.

He took out that paper and started reading, “My loving husband, I love you so much and wanted to tell big news but I thought to write in words that I am pregnant. And the doctor gave me a number who was my brother and he told me to take care of me so he is coming tonight for dinner and we will tell you the most awaited news.”

The paper fell from the hand and the man sits on the ground and repenting what he did.

Then the bell rang and the man came in and said to the husband, “I am your wife’s brother and came for dinner.”

Then he saw that his sister his lying on the ground with blood coming from her head.

They took her to the hospital and the doctor declared her dead.


Never judge too quickly because you never know what is behind. So in a relationship talk and clear everything.


We see in life how anger controls us and we take action then we repent.

So start controlling your anger and everything you see or hear must not be true.

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