Tag: Short Love Story with Moral Lesson

Salty Coffee Story of a coffee and salt

Salty Coffee Story

Here’s a Salty Coffee Story of a boy and a girl who got married by lived a happy life and the boy drinks coffee by adding sugar into it. Once there was a boy who saw a beautiful girl at the party. The girl was so beautiful and the boy was so shy. The boy […]

True Love Story boy proposes the girl

True Love Story

Here’s a True Love Story where the girl lost her voice in an accident. the boy does marriage with the girl let’s read the story. Once there was a girl who liked a boy and both of them were good friends. But the family of the girl didn’t accept the boy to be his friend. […]

Cute Short Love Story where a boy proposed the girl

Cute Short Love Story

Here is a Cute Short Love Story where a boy proposed a girl and what the girl asked “what am I to you?” the boy replied let’s see Once there was a boy and a girl who loved each other. One day boy proposed girl and she asked, “what am I to you?” The Boy […]

inspiring story about love three old man

Inspiring Story about Love

Here’s an Inspiring Story about Love which will let us know the real value of love. How success and wealth follow love let’s see. Once there were three old friends sitting outside a house. The woman of the house when came out, she sees three old men were sitting outside her house. After seeing them […]