Knots In Rope teaching of buddha

Knots In Rope

Here’s a Knots In Rope Buddha Story where Buddha tied three knots in a rope and asked disciples what do you see?

Once disciples were sitting waiting for Buddha.

Buddha came and as soon he started the discourse he took out a rope and tied three knots leaving space between them.

The disciples were curious to know today what will buddha teach us.

After tying three knots Buddha asked his disciples, what do you see?

One of the disciples said it is the same as it was before tying the knot.

Only the shape of the rope changes if we see it from a different view.

Another disciple said I am seeing that the rope was long before but after tying the knot it become small.

Everyone was giving their own point of view as everyone finished.

Then buddha hold the two ends of the rope and started to pull.

Then he asked what are you sitting disciples?

The disciple said the knot is tightening and now it is more difficult to open the knot.

Then buddha asked what should I do if I want to open the knot.

One of the disciples said first we should look at the knot how it is tied then we should hold the knot and to its open direction pull the rope and the knot will be opened.

Buddha said this is exactly what I am trying to tell.

There were people who came to me and tell I want to control my anger but they never say that what is the reason for their anger.

They come to me and tell me how to stop the anger but they never ask why I am getting angry.

This is the reason why they never get out of the problem and then give up.

They should first find out what is the reason I am angry.

Then take out the solution so that your seed of anger will come to an end.

Everyone should know the seed of negativity where it is grown then only the solution of ending is possible.


First, find out the reason for the problem then the permanent solution will come out.


We see in life how people give up trying once or twice but they forget to search inside what is wrong inside them.

If they search within then they will definitely get the solution to their problem.

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