Story on Honesty where the couple decorates the house

Story on Honesty

Here’s a Story on Honesty where a porter who was old and at his last breadth he thinks to deliver the stuff at his destination.

Once there was a very rich couple.

They have invited all their family and friends to their home to give them a big party.

So they went to the market to buy stuff needed for the party.

They went to the mall and also they have to maintain the level of richness so they didn’t mind paying for this.

And after shopping, they called a porter who was nearby to bring the shopping stuff to their home.

The porter was very old and wear clothes which were torn and looked like he could not even afford a single meal.

The couple asked the porter how much it will take to bring things to our house.

He politely said $20 and then the wife requested a porter that it is very high.

Then they bargained and settled for $15.

Then they went to their house but an hour passed, then another hour passed but the porter didn’t come.

The wife got angry and started shouting at her husband, “I have told you not to trust such an old man he must have taken our stuff and then sell them at a good price. let’s go in search of the porter if we didn’t find him then we will go to the police station and file complain“

Then they went to the market in search of the porter but didn’t find him.

Then they saw a porter near the market and asked him about the old man who was also a porter carrying the stuff.

The wife angrily asked about the old porter and the porter replied yes I know the old man.

The wife in anger told “The porter, where is the old thief I want to know”

The porter replied, “The old porter was sick from last month and hardly he could afford to eat a single day. When he was on the way to give you your stuff his health answered and at his last breadth he sat down and gave me $15 and told me to deliver this to the address. He was sick, hungry, and honest.”

After listening to this the husbands eye’s were filled with tears and the wife was ashamed of her words.


Never judge too quickly and also never judge with clothes or class. No legacy is so rich as honesty.


We see in life how we judge people and then regret.

And we can’t do anything to it only feels ashamed.

So have patience and start working on your dreams.

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