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The Wooden Horse Story of the wall of the Troy
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The Wooden Horse Story

Here’s The Wooden Horse Story where the army thought of victory but the intention was not right so they looted the whole city and escaped. Once there was a city named Troy. The city of Troy was famous for its treasures and the gold inside the walls. Hearing about the wealth of Troy, the Greek […]

The Sleepless King royal bed

The Sleepless King

Here’s The Sleepless King Story where the king can’t sleep but after working with servants and at the end he sleeps. Once there was a king who was having dinner with the queen. After having dinner the king and the queen were going to sleep. The queen said Goodnight and went to sleep. As the […]

Clever Bird Story where the king garden have grape vine
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Clever Bird Story

Here’s a Clever Bird Story where the clever bird teaches the King four things of knowledge. Let’s see what are those four things. Once there was a king who ruled an empire. The king has a beautiful garden. The garden contains many beautiful trees, plants, and flowers. There was a vine tree which have sweet […]

King and Wise Man story
King Stories

King and Wise Man

Here’s a King and Wise Man story where a wise minister of the king gave the solution to the problem and earn rewards. Once there was a prosperous king who loved his kingdom. All his countrymen were happy to have a king like him. Kingdom got prosperous in the reign of the king and never […]