The Jackal and The Lion Story

The Jackal and The Lion Story

Here’s The Jackal and The Lion Story where the wolf thinks to be more superior but when the problem came no education comes into play.

Once there lived a wolf and a jackal in the forest.

One day they met and had talks.

The wolf asked the jackal, “How much have you studied?”

The jackal replied, “Mr. Wolf I am half-educated.”

The shocked wolf said to the jackal, “Well you have half-studied so from now on you will call me sir because I am more superior than you.”

Suddenly a lion came out of the bushes and roared.

The jackal whispered into the ears of the wolf, “Sir, as you are more superior so tell me what to do?”

The frightened wolf didn’t utter a single word.

The jackal thought fast and said to the lion, “Hey king, we were coming to you as we can’t decide who is more educated.”

The lion feels great and asked, “What is the problem tell me.”

The jackal said to the lion, “My friend wolf was saying he is as educated as many teeth in his mouth so he will eat both the chickens which we together caught.”

The lion roared and said, “Well then I am more educated than your friend as I have more sharp teeth.”

The sight of the tiger’s teeth was so frightening that the wolf fell to the ground because of fear.

The jackal said, “My friend agreed that you are superior and he is bowing to you.”

The jackal said, “You pleased us and you can eat both the chickens which are inside the cave.”

The tiger went to the cave with them.

When they reached the jackal sent his friend into the cave to bring both the chickens.

The wolf went inside the cave but didn’t return.

The lion said to the jackal let me go in and eat those chickens.

As the lion went into the cave he saw a small hole and seeing the hole he understand that he got tricked.

He tried getting through the whole but the whole was small.

Then both jackal and wolf met and thanked the jackal for his idea.


Education is not important if you don’t have a brain to use.


We see in life how people educated but when they face the real problems of life.

Then they understand that they can’t tackle them if they don’t use their brains.

Using the brain and education is the power of an individual.

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