The Greedy Crow sitting on the branch

The Greedy Crow

Here’s The Greedy Crow as the crow understands why greed leads to loss of energy, time and at the end didn’t get the destination.

Once there was a crow who lived in a beautiful forest.

As the day was passing by the crow’s greediness was at his peak.

One day when he was flying in the forest in saw a piece of meat.

He went and took the meat into his mouth and flew to a nearby tree.

When he was eating the meat he saw a small bird flying with a dead rat.

The crow was surprised to see a small bird carrying a dead rat.

The crow said to the bird, “Where did you get the dead rat?”

The bird didn’t reply to the crow.

She kept on flying on her way.

The crow was angry as the bird didn’t give him an answer.

Then the angry crow said, “Give me the dead rat or else I will snatch it from you and eat it.”

Again the bird ignored the crow and continue to fly.

The crow was so angry that he decided to follow the bird and snatch the dead rat from her.

The crow left his meat and fly after the bird.

The bird saw the crow so she started flying faster than the crow.

On the other hand, a hawk saw the meat on the branch of the tree.

The hawk ate the peace of meat and fly away.

When the crow couldn’t catch the bird then he returned to the tree where he left his meat.

When he returned he saw the meat was not there.

The crow was disappointed with his behavior and now he was very hungry.

The hawk was passing by that tree so he stopped and said to the crow, “I am very sorry I ate your meat.”

The crow couldn’t answer the hawk as he was tired and weak.


Don’t be greedy and be happy with what you have. Thank God for the stuff you have and don’t fall into the trap of greed.


We see in life how people fall into greed and then they have to pay entire life.

Everyone must thank god for giving us such a beautiful and blessed life.

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