Keep Your Dreams Alive of a ranch

Keep Your Dreams Alive

Here’s Keep Your Dreams Alive Story where the boy who forced to leave his dream but what he did let’s see and how he surprised teacher.

Once there’s a boy named Monty Roberts.

His father was a horse trainer.

He went from stable to stable, track to track, farm to farm, and ranch to ranch.

As a result, the boy’s high school career was affected.

When he was in high school his teacher has given him a white paper and told him to write his dream and paint his dream at the back.

The white paper contains a long and big ranch where acres of land is only for the training of horses.

In that ranch, he drew a track where the horses would race.

After finishing his dream he handed over his dream to his teacher.

Two days later Monty got his paper back with a big F and a note, “See me after class.”

The boy went to his teacher after class and asked, “Why did I receive a big F?”

The teacher said, “You are a son of a horse trainer so you can’t afford to own a ranch where acres of land is only for horses. You know how much money spent on to make such a ranch and you don’t have resources. You can’t afford the ranch so go and edit the sketch.”

The boy took his dream and went home.

The boy asked his father about the dream and his father said, “This is a very hard decision to make, my son. You have to make up your mind for your dream.”

The boy thought for a week and in the end, he took the same paper and handed it over to his teacher.

And said, “You can keep your F and I’ll keep my dream.”

Years later the teacher went to the ranch with 30 kids to camp for a week.

The teacher saw his student and was surprised.

When the teacher was leaving the camp after a week she said to Monty, when I was your teacher I have a habit of stealing dreams.

During those days I steal a lot of kids’ dreams but you never gave up on your dream.


Don’t let anyone steal your dream. So never give up on your dream because what you believe in will become one day.


The one who tells his dream to others makes himself fool because the dreams are not to be told they are meant to show.

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