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The Pot of Milk Story

Here is a short story called The Pot of Milk Story where a miser man thinks how he got to all the people in the village and what they did? Let’s start the story.

Once there was a village and because of the lack of rain it was dry.

Now the situation was due to a shortage of water and people began to die.

Only a single educated man was there in the village.

People go to him for a solution.

The educated man tried to solve the problem of the villagers but failed to do so.

Then it was dry and nothing had changed.

The local people were very sad, and all the local people came together to worship the God.

Then a man came to the village sent by God.

He told all the locals without seeing the well they have to pour a pot of milk into the well tonight and their problem would be solved.

After saying this the man walked out of the village.

The locals were happy with the solution and decided to pour a pot of milk into the well without looking.

The villagers were ready to pour the milk.

At midnight when all the people were pouring milk into well a man thought that if he poured a pot of water no one would know because inside so much milk no one understood.

So the next day, the people were waiting for the rain to come but nothing happened.

The locals were confused as to why their problem not be solved?

They all gathered and went to the well and when they looked at it they saw water.

The well was full of water.

They are all happy.

They all look at each other and knew why their problem cannot solved.

The well was full of water because the thought that came to that man was thought by all the people.


If you are good the world is good, if you are bad, then the world will be bad.

The conclusion

We see in life how we blame others for doing wrong but we do not think for ourselves.

Ask yourself how good we are than others.

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