Wicked Witch Story where a witch flew in her bloom

Wicked Witch Story

Here is wicked witch story where a boy named Raj has saved the villagers from the wicked witch and freed the village from the witch.

Once there lived a boy named Raj in the village.

There are about a thousand people in the village.

At the end of the village, there was a citadel where a haunted castle was situated.

At night, the villagers listen to laughing noises.

So, the villagers avoid going out of their houses at night.

Everybody in the village only heard about the wicked witch but none has seen her.

They also believe that the witch has a mosquito who was her servant.

The mosquito at night comes to the village and bites the people.

The people who got bit by the mosquito became the witch’s servants.

Raj was a very brave boy who was twelve years old.

Raj the only boy not infected by the mosquito.

The villagers came to raj for help and requested him to free the villagers of the mosquito and the wicked witch.

One night raj decided to go to the castle of the witch and without telling his mother he went out of the house.

On his way, he was a boy whose leg came under the rock.

Raj was kind so he went to save the boy.

After removing the rock the boy told that he is also coming with him.

So they both somehow entered the castle.

On entering the room they saw the witch was flying in her broom.

Immediately they came inside the room so that the witch can’t see them.

With fear, they put a blanket over and they got to sleep.

On waking up they saw the witch and the mosquito in front of them.

Raj took the spear and killed the witch.

On seeing the mosquito attack raj but suddenly raj with both hands kills the mosquito.

Returning to the village when everyone got to know that the wicked witch was killed they gave raj the crown and declared him the king of the village.

After that day everybody lived happily in the village.


We must be kind and help people who are in need.


We see in life how we are becoming selfish and not helping others.

So, remember that it’s Halloween so every dark or evil power has its end.

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