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The Clever Minister sand bucket
King Stories

The Clever Minister

Once there was a clever minister in a kingdom who got punishment so as not to show his face to the king. He was walking by the streets he saw a wrestler carried by four men and a huge procession heading towards the palace. He was curious to know what was happening in the kingdom. […]

King and His Three Daughters Story of salt

King and His Three Daughters Story

Here’s a King and His Three Daughters Story where the third daughter said I love you as I love salt father. what happens next let’s see. A very long time ago there lived a king who has three daughters. One day, the king thought to call his daughters and test how much they loved the […]

Short Story on King who loves food
King Stories

Short Story on King

Here’s a Short Story on King where the king who likes to eat so much one day knew the importance of food and what happens let’s see. Once there was a king who likes to eat too much. The day starts he wanted breakfast in which he would eat bread-butter, fifteen eggs, royal chicken, fruits, […]

Parrot Story In English parrot in a cage
King Stories

Parrot Story In English

Here’s a Parrot Story In English where the king didn’t understand why the parrot of same species have different nature? Once a king was riding alone in the forests. He was on his way to hunt. Suddenly he saw a hut and a parrot in the cage. When the parrot saw the man riding a […]

The Sleepless King royal bed

The Sleepless King

Here’s The Sleepless King Story where the king can’t sleep but after working with servants and at the end he sleeps. Once there was a king who was having dinner with the queen. After having dinner the king and the queen were going to sleep. The queen said Goodnight and went to sleep. As the […]

the king and beggar story which contains inspiration and conclusion
King Stories

King and beggar story

Let’s read the story of the king and the beggar in which we see how the king became a beggar and how he found the next king of his kingdom. There was a king who ruled over a great empire but unfortunately did not have a son to sit on the throne. So he has […]