The Magician Story of cards

The Magician Story

Here’s The Magician Story where the parrot knows the trick of the magician and at the end the parrot thought that it was a trick of magician.

Once there was a magician who worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

He was a very clever magician who shows the same magic to different crowds.

The people who see his magics were different every day.

So he shows the same magic to every crowd.

The magician didn’t come up with new magic but rather shows the same magic.

The ship captain has a parrot.

The parrot sat and saw the magician.

The parrot was an intelligent bird.

The bird figured out how the magician’s magic works.

The crowd changed every night but the parrot remained the same.

As the day passed, the parrot started shouting why did the hat got changed? Why are the cards got the same?

The magician got annoyed as he can’t do anything because the parrot belongs to the ship’s captain.

Things went on like similar days.

One stormy night the ship sank.

The storm broke the ship.

The ship was broken into pieces and the crowd drowns down.

The parrot flew to the piece of wood.

When he saw that no one survived but then he looked he saw the magician was holding the piece of wood.

The parrot was looking at the magician continuously.

The magician found it to be strange.

Then somehow the magician saves his life with the help of the wood.

Again he looked at the parrot he was looking at the magician continuously.

The magician didn’t understand why the parrot was staring at him continuously.

Some days passed but the parrot was the same looking at the magician.

Then the next day he asked the magician where is the boat?


Sometimes people’s expectations are not to be fulfilled.


We see in life how people expect from others and when their expectations are not fulfilled then they destroy the relationship and spread nuisance against them.

So stop expecting from others and have the power to do it yourself.

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