The Priest and The Goat Story

The Priest and The Goat Story

Here’s The Priest and The Goat Story where the three robber fools the priest by tricking and take away the healthy goat from the priest.

Once in a village, there lived a holy priest who was very honest and religious.

One day he helped a rich man without any benefit.

So the rich man called the priest to his village to gift him.

The priest went to his village and got a healthy goat as a reward.

He was carrying the goat on his shoulders.

On his way back three robbers saw the priest was carrying a healthy goat and decided to trick him.

The three of them decided to stop the priest and thought of distracting the priest.

The first robber went to the priest and said, “Oh God! Such a respectful priest is carrying a dog on his shoulder.”

The priest got angry and shouted loudly, “Can’t you see it’s a goat.”

The robber apologized and went away.

Then the second robber stopped the priest and said, “How must a reputed priest carrying a dead calf on his shoulder?”

The priest replied, “Are you blind, you can’t see it’s a goat.”

The robber told sorry to the priest and started walking.

Again the third robber stopped the priest and asked, “Sir why are you carrying a donkey on your shoulder?”

The priest lost his temper and stopped for a while.

Then he thought, “Have I given a goat or a ghost who keeps on changing.”

Saying this he left the goat on his way and started his walk to his home.

All the three robbers came out and took the goat with them.

The robbers laughed at the stupidity of the priest.


Never listen to anybody when you are sure about yourself.


We see in life how people change their decision by listening to other people.

Then they regret it and don’t do anything about it.

So, think and work on your dream rather than what other think.

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