The Foolish Man Story where the man thinks himself intelligent but was foolish

The Foolish Man Story

Here’s The Foolish Man Story where a man thinks himself the intelligent man on this planet but he is fooled let’s see.

Once there was a man who thinks himself intelligent and very proud.

He thinks that no one on the earth is as intelligent as him.

One day when he went to the marketplace to buy a donkey.

He selected the best donkey and bought it.

When he was returning home with his donkey he didn’t sit on the donkey rather he put his donkey beside him and started to walk.

At some distance, two thieves were sitting behind the bushes.

They saw the man was alone with the donkey and decided to steal the donkey.

The thief said to the other thief, “Only do what I have told to you.”

The thief came from behind and silently took the rope out of the donkey’s neck and put it onto his neck.

And the other thief went off taking the donkey away.

When the man puts his hand on the donkey he feels that it is not a donkey but a human being.

When he turned around he saw a man tied with the rope.

He asked, “Where is my donkey?”

The thief replied, “I was the donkey. Before when I was a man I misbehave with my mother so she turned me into a donkey with the help of a spell and my uncle took me to the market to sell. But when I bought by intelligent man then I converted to a human being.”

After listening to this his chest inflated and proud of his intelligence.

Then he put the rope out of his neck and told him not to misbehave with his mother again.

The man then let the thief go away.

The thieves went to the market to sell the donkey and told the story of stealing the donkey.

They all laughed and didn’t stop for minutes.

The next day when the man came to purchase the donkey he saw the same donkey which was stolen so with a proud chest he went near the donkey and said I have told you to never do any mischief again but you have not listened so I will not purchase you again.

The sellers saw the man was talking to the donkey and make out that yesterday what happened with him.

They all laughed until they cried.


You are the easiest person to fool yourself.


One must not think himself to be smatter because the more you think yourself intelligent the more fool you will become in front of people.

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