Ramu and The Mangoes Story Moral

Ramu and The Mangoes Story Moral

Here’s a Ramu and The Mangoes Story Moral where with the help of brain Ramu came out of the situation in a funny way.

Once there was a rich man who lived in Kerela.

One day he bought a mango and gave it to his servant, Ramu.

And said go and cut the mangoes into two halves because one of my friends is arriving soon.

He added to bring two cups of coffee also.

Ramu took those mangoes and went to the kitchen.

When he cut the mangoes into two halves one piece he eat so that he could taste the mango.

The mango was so sweet that he ate the other half and now there were no mangoes left.

Soon his master called Ramu and ordered him to bring coffee as his friend will be reaching soon.

Scared Ramu thought his master knew that he ate the mangoes he will throw him out.

So he got an idea.

He went to his master and said, “The knife is blunt. I cannot cut the mangoes with the blunt knife.”

The master gets angry with Ramu and ordered him to bring the blunt knife so that he could sharpen it.

Ramu gave him a big blunt knife and quietly went out of the house.

He saw his master’s friend was coming he ran and stopped him. and asked, “Sir did you have a fight with my master?”

He told him, “Yesterday there was a little confusion so I scolded him but later we came to know that he was not at fault.”

Ramu informed his friend, “His master was angry so don’t go inside the house.”

His friend didn’t believe in Ramu and peeped inside.

He saw his friend was sitting and sharpening the knife.

So, without seeing here and there he ran fast as he can.

Then Ramu entered the house and started shouting master your mangoes have been stolen by your friend.

The master ran with the knife following his friend but could not catch him.

The master thanked Ramu for telling him the truth about his greedy friend.


When we are clever then we can find a solution to our problems.


We see in life how people does mistake and then do another mistake.

But when the brain will be sharp then you will take out the solution of any problem.

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