Friendship Moral Story about a key

Friendship Moral Story

Here’s a Friendship Moral Story where the rich man’s friend test his friendship on his friend and what he found out?

Once there was a rich man who lived in town.

He had a very prosperous business.

Once he met a man who visit his store daily and soon they became friends.

Their friendship grew day by day.

One day the rich man has to go outstation so he was worried about the money which is at his home.

His family suggested asking his friend for help.

The Rich man thought his friend spend most of the time with him but he didn’t test his loyalty.

How would he trust a man with his life’s earnings?

Still, the rich man called his friend to his house and told him about the problem.

The rich man went to his room and bring a locker key which he used to keep his money.

And handed over the keys to his friend.

Then the rich man with his family left the town.

After two days the rich man with his family returned to the town.

He called his friend about the party at their home and when they entered their home they saw his friend was there.

His friend in anger said to the rich man why have you put stones in the locker if you trusted me then you should give the keys to that locker which contains money.

The rich man smiled and said, “How do you know that the locker contains stones?

You must have opened the locker in my absence”

His friend was quiet.

The rich man continued, “I have kept the stones inside the locker to test your friendship.”

Saying this the rich man said to leave his friend and told him never to meet him again.


Think twice before trusting someone. Friendship is a relationship that is made from the heart but one should not blindly trust someone.


We see in life how people trust people and then regret their decisions.

They trust them so much that when they cheat they got hurt.

So make friends who are trustworthy and supportive.

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