Fruits Story of grapes

Fruits Story

Here’s a fruits story where the farmer took grapes to the king and when he threw grapes on him he said God is very king and merciful.

Once there was a king who loves fruits.

So he ordered his servants to open a big orchard in his garden.

The work continued for months and after that the orchard was ready.

Then they called the farmers to plant fruit trees.

After planting the fruit trees the king appointed a farmer who would take good care of the fruits.

As the fruit got ripened the farmer took the fruits to the king’s palace.

One day the coconut, palm, grapes, and guava were ripened to serve the king.

The farmer was confused about which fruit should I take to the king’s palace.

After thinking for a while he took the grapes and fill them in the basket.

He took the basket in front of the king.

The king was busy talking to his ministers so the farmer sat beside the basket and waited for the king’s response.

After talking to the ministers the king got angry and ordered the ministers to completer the work as soon as possible.

Then he sat on his throne.

The king lost in some thoughts.

He took the grapes and threw them aiming to the farmer’s forehead.

When the grapes touch the farmer’s forehead or body he says, “God is very kind and merciful.”

After some time the king realized what he was doing and what response was coming from the farmer.

The king asked the farmer, “When I am throwing grapes on you why you are saying God is very great and merciful?”

The farmer replied politely, “Majesty, today coconut, palm, and guava were also ripened but still I bought grapes instead of these fruits. If I had bought a coconut, guava, or palm then instead of grapes what would be my condition right now. That is why I was saying God is very kind and merciful”


Only God knows what is best for you.


We see in life how people complain about why God did to me what was my fault but they don’t know God knows everything and what he does, it is for our benefit.

Even if we blame God for everything he always showers blessings on us.

So thankful for what he has given us.

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