Story Of A Painting

Story Of A Painting

Here’s a Story Of A Painting where the painter was a smart thinker so he thought the solution of the problem and earn his money.

Once there was a boy came to the painter as an intern.

He was learning new skills in painting.

One day a rich lady came with her dog.

She entered the shop and told the painter to sketch the painting with her dog.

The painter agreed and the painter took a week to paint the painting of the lady with her dog.

After finishing the painting he called the lady to see the painting.

The rich lady came with her dog and looked at the painting carefully.

After a minute when she noticed her dog she said to the painter what rubbish you have drawn.

The painter asked the lady about his mistake.

The lady told the painter you have drawn such a painting that my dog is not paying attention to it, I will not give you any money.

The painter stopped the lady and told her sorry for his work.

He asked her for the last chance and the lady agreed.

The painter told her to come tomorrow and the dog will pay attention to the painting.

The lady came the next day and when the dog saw the painting he started licking the painting.

The lady knew that the dog loves the painting.

The lady happily gave the painter his money.

She took the painting and happily left the shop.

The boy who was working as an intern asked his master what have you done that the dog was licking the painting.

The painter said, “Last night I bought a meet and rubbed at the bottom of the painting. Due to the smell of the meet the dog was licking the painting.”


Thinking is difficult that is why most people judge.


We see in life how we fall into a situation where the only solution is Smart Thinking.

If you are capable of thinking smart then you will be able to come out of any problem.

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