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The Four Smart Students Story of a college students
Student Teacher Stories

The Four Smart Students Story

Here’s The Four Smart Students Story where the students told lie to their dean and what question they got in their question paper let’s see. Once there were four students who lived together in a hostel. Before a month the college announced the exam dates. The four students were not serious about their studies. So […]

Story Of A Painting

Story Of A Painting

Here’s a Story Of A Painting where the painter was a smart thinker so he thought the solution of the problem and earn his money. Once there was a boy came to the painter as an intern. He was learning new skills in painting. One day a rich lady came with her dog. She entered […]

The Magician Story of cards

The Magician Story

Here’s The Magician Story where the parrot knows the trick of the magician and at the end the parrot thought that it was a trick of magician. Once there was a magician who worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. He was a very clever magician who shows the same magic to different crowds. […]

Comedy Story in English a onion less country

Comedy Story in English

Here’s a Comedy Story in English where a young boy got fooled because he became greedy and his brain stop working. let’s see A long time ago there was a young boy who lived in a village. He has a spirit of doing something for his family. After searching for many days he didn’t get […]

The Foolish Man Story where the man thinks himself intelligent but was foolish

The Foolish Man Story

Here’s The Foolish Man Story where a man thinks himself the intelligent man on this planet but he is fooled let’s see. Once there was a man who thinks himself intelligent and very proud. He thinks that no one on the earth is as intelligent as him. One day when he went to the marketplace […]

Funny Story in English about mortar and pestle

Funny Story in English

Here is a Very Funny Story in English where a pestle turn out the solution to the problem of Madhu. Let’s see how the story got so Funny. Once Shyam lived in a village who was very gentle and kind. Every day he used to call people and serve the meal. Often Shyam and his […]