The Wooden Horse Story of the wall of the Troy

The Wooden Horse Story

Here’s The Wooden Horse Story where the army thought of victory but the intention was not right so they looted the whole city and escaped.

Once there was a city named Troy.

The city of Troy was famous for its treasures and the gold inside the walls.

Hearing about the wealth of Troy, the Greek king decided to attack Troy and steal all the gold.

Hundred of warships and thousand soldiers sent to Troy.

But a year passed the Greeks can’t break the walls of Troy.

The Greek king was getting furious.

Suddenly one morning, the trions army noticed that there was no Greek army left.

Some said they left as they knew that they will not break the walls of troy.

The king of Troy send some soldiers to see whether the Greek army went or they are in ambush.

After checking the whole area not a single Greek soldier found.

Troy won the battle.

The soldiers who went to see the Greek army found a big horse at the shore of the river.

One of the soldiers said this might be a gift from the Greek army.

One of the soldiers said we must burn the horse.

After thinking for days the king decided to keep the horse as a sign of defeating the Greek army.

Some days later people of Troy decided to celebrate the victory.

The people of Troy went to the mountains to celebrate the victory leaving the city behind.

As the city got empty hundred of Greek soldiers came out of the horse and looted the treasures.

After looting the city they took all the gold of Troy and quickly escaped.

When the people of Troy came back to the city they found Troy has been looted.

Then they came to know that, “What appears to be a gift can be a trap instead.”


Sometimes intention matters more than the gift because you never know the intentions of people.


We see in life how people give gifts but some may not know the intention and open the gifts.

What they see after, might harm them.

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