Magical Tree Story elder brother cutting the magical tree

Magical Tree Story

Here’s a Magical Tree Story how the magical tree showers golden apples then the needle why is it first golden apples then needle let’s see.

There were two brothers who lived at the edge of the forest.

Their work was to cut firewood and sell them at the market.

The elder brother whose nature was rude and didn’t give respect to his younger brother.

But his younger brother was kind and respect his elder brother.

The elder brother often takes things of his younger brother and tease him but the younger brother was kind so he didn’t respond.

One day the elder brother went early to the forest to cut the firewood.

He thought that he should go too deep into the forest and cut trees.

Deep into the tree when he was cutting a tree sound came “O humble man please don’t cut me I am a magical tree if you space me I will give you golden apples”

The man stop cutting the tree and some golden apples dropped from the tree.

After picking up the apples the man thought that these golden apples are not enough.

So he said to the magical tree, “If you did not give me more golden apples then I will cut your branches and then the whole tree”

The magical tree then showers the needle on the man.

The man fell to the ground with his body full of needles.

The sun was about to set and his younger brother was worried about his brother.

He searched his brother and found that he is lying near a tree in pain.

He got there and with love took out every needle from his body.

After seeing the worry and love for his elder brother he was sorry for all that he has done to his younger brother.

Then he told sorry to the magical tree.

The magical tree saw the love of the two brothers it showers golden apples that they could need and lead a happy life.


One must be kind and humble to everyone.


We see in life how we get angry with small things and also don’t give respect to our elders but if we are humble then our life will be full of love and affection.

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