Funny Story in English about mortar and pestle

Funny Story in English

Here is a Very Funny Story in English where a pestle turn out the solution to the problem of Madhu. Let’s see how the story got so Funny.

Once Shyam lived in a village who was very gentle and kind.

Every day he used to call people and serve the meal.

Often Shyam and his wife go hungry when they call people for lunch.

Madhu Shyam’s wife tried to tell his husband about the shortage of food but Shyam doesn’t listen.

He tells that if we feed people every day then god will be very happy.

Madhu feels difficult to make Shyam understand.

One day when Shyam told Madhu that there will be three guests coming for lunch.

Madhu got to know that there is not enough food to feed the guest.

When she wanted to tell Shyam his friend came earlier and they started talking.

After some time they left the house.

Madhu had an idea.

She took out the mixing machine mortar and pestle.

Then she put it in the room and put some haldi on it.

When the three friends came to have lunch they were very happy to see that they were praying the mortar and pestle.

Madhu told them, “My husband has taken a pledge if someone came for lunch they will be welcomed with the pestle hitting at their head”

When the three friends listen they were shocked and were looking at each other.

Madhu said, “Don’t worry the hit will be with a little force

Listening to this the guests ran out of the house.

Suddenly Shyam came home and asked Madhu did they eat lunch.

Madhu said, “No they want the pestle but I told them that my mother has given me the pestle”

Shyam told his wife, “This was wrong Madhu if the guest wants the pestle you should have given them”

Shyam took the pestle and ran behind the guests shouting “Stop I wanted to give you the pestle

After listening to this they not stopped and ran to their houses.

After that day the news went all over the village that if Shyam come to invite the guest don’t go because they will welcome with the pestle on the head.

So after that day no guest went to Shyam’s house for lunch.


Every problem must be solved with the calmness of mind.


We see in life how people often take the wrong action because they don’t think with peace of mind.

So every problem solved with peace of mind.

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