The Foolish Weaver story of crossing river

The Foolish Weaver

Here’s The Foolish Weaver Story which is very funny because there were twelve weavers at the starting but at end there were only eleven.

Once there were twelve weavers who lived in a town.

They all were good friends and lived happy lives.

One day they all decided to see the world.

They all started to pack their belongings and then set out on their journey.

When they started the journey they have to cross the river.

They all crossed the river with the help of a boatman.

The boatman took them to the other side of the shore and they all continued their journey.

They all enjoyed the journey with happiness and went to many places.

The weavers visited sites they never saw before.

They all saw many places and the time came to return to their home.

When they were returning from a trip in a happy mood they reached the river.

After reaching the river they searched for the boatman but didn’t find him.

One of the weavers decided to cross the river.

Another weaver said to wait for the boatsman then we will cross the river.

The other weaver said with caution that it is safe to wait for the boatman.

One of the weavers was so excited to go home with all the things he purchased and started insisting to cross the river without any wait.

All weavers decided to cross the river and make sure that after reaching another side one must count all the weavers.

They all put their bags on their head and formed a line.

After crossing half the river the first weaver started counting one, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven.

The weaver who was counting shouted loudly that one of the weavers is missing he might have drowned.

They somehow crossed the river and started crying.

One of the townsmen heard crying and asked and they told what happened.

The townsmen said to the weaver let me count he counted and all the twelve weavers were there.

The townsmen started laughing and said they saw the world but didn’t gain any knowledge.

The weaver who counted didn’t add himself in the count.


Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.


We see in life how people fool and think that they are wise.

But they can’t see when God decides to punish then they will come to know.

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