Intelligence Story king in his kingdom

Intelligence Story

Here’s a Intelligence Story where you will get to know how a story teller with his intelligence earned reward and king was mouth tight.

A long time ago there was a king who loved to listen to stories.

Every day king listens to new stories with different storytellers.

One day the king made an announcement that the storyteller who would tell stories will be rewarded with a huge amount but If he stops then he has to pay with his life.

Then he ordered ministers to search the storyteller who would tell him stories continuously and never stop.

After the announcement, not a single storyteller went to the king’s court to tell stories.

King was angry to see the court without a storyteller.

One day a traveler was passing by that village and he heard of the announcement.

He went to the ministers and wanted to appear in front of the king to tell stories.

The ministers warned the traveler if your story ends then you have to pay with your life.

The traveler said I know that.

The next day he brought in front of the king to tell the stories.

He started his story once there was a king of a kingdom who made a granary where he used to store the grains of his kingdom.

There was a hole in the granary and a sparrow saw it.

The sparrow used to enter through the hole and enter the granary and flew with a single grain in his mouth to his nest.

The king was eager to know then what happened.

The storyteller said then again the sparrow came and enter the granary and pick up grain in his mouth and drop it in the nest.

Again the sparrow comes picks up grain in his mouth and drops to his nest.

After dropping again the sparrow come pick up grain and then drop it to his nest.

The king was bored listening to the story and said now the sparrow come and he saw the grains to be empty and went to his nest without any grain.

Then what happened, “King said.

The storyteller said, “You changed the story so the next story you listen from the next storyteller which means you.”

The king angrily gave the storyteller big reward and he went happily.


Action is the real measure of intelligence.


We must learn to apply actions and change our thought to achieve success.

Once our mind trained to change and to do action then no one come in our way.

You will be the winner.

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