The Foolish Disciples story

The Foolish Disciples

Here’s The Foolish Disciples story where the students who were only obeying the orders of the sage were called foolish let’s see why?

One day sage and his students were going to travel to another village.

The sage said his students to bring a bullock cart and they started keeping the things into it.

After that, they started their journey.

After traveling for some time the sage was old so he feels tired and feeling sleepy.

He told his students to put an eye on the things so that they can’t slip out of the cart.

The students replied yes sir and the sage fell asleep.

After a few minutes, the cart bumped into the stone shaking the cart, and the vessel which contains the holy water fell out of the cart.

The students saw that vessel when it was falling out of the cart.

After some time when the sage awoke, he asked the students that everything is ok?

The students replied, “everything is ok but the vessel contains the holy water fell out of the cart”

After listening the sage was angry with the students that why they did not pick it up.

The students replied, “you only told us to look at the things which were falling out of the cart.”

The sage replied, “you all are foolish disciples don’t have any common sense when the vessel fell one must go and pick up the vessel.”

The students replied, “you had not told us before”

The sage said now listen whatever the thing you see fell, pick it up, and put it into the cart.

The students understood and again the sage fell asleep.

On the way one of the students saw the dung fallen on the ground.

One of the students got out of the cart and pick up the dung and threw it into the cart.

The dung fell into the sage’s face and he woke up.

After waking up he angrily asked what is this and why?

The students replied, “you only told us to pick up the things which have fallen and put them into the cart.”

The sage was irritated with his students.

He got an idea and wrote the name of all the things which were there in the cart and gave it to the students and said, “whatever name of the things are written if it falls then pick it up into the cart”

The students understood and the sage fell asleep.

After traveling long now the bullock has to climb up the hill.

As the bullock started to climb up the hill the sage slips and fell out of the cart.

He wake up and saw he was in the river beside the hill.

Shouting to the students, the students immediately took out the paper in which the name of the things were written and searches the name of the sage.

And they found nothing

But they love their master so they stopped the cart and jump into the river to save the sage.

After coming out of the river he angrily asked the students, “why did you not save me then?”

The students replied, “we are only obeying your orders and your name was not on the list so and you have only said to pick up the things which were there only there on the list.”

The sage said, “Ok you were only obeying my orders”.


You not only have to follow the orders but also think about what is wrong and what is right.


We must not be so foolish that we only obey orders but also think and then take action.

Many people only do what they are said to do but thinking is very important without thinking you were called foolish.

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