Secret of Happiness Story palace at the top of mountain

Secret of Happiness Story

Here’s a Secret of Happiness Story where the young boy wants to find the real happiness of life from the wisest man on Earth.

Once there was a boy who wanted to know the secret of happiness from the wisest man on earth.

He traveled many places from deserts to hills

And he came to know the wisest man lived in a palace on the top of the mountain.

He thought that the wise man was living a simple lifestyle like the sage with peace and harmony.

But when he entered the palace he got surprised to see the palace full of people, some were talking at the corner, some playing orchestra, tradesmen were coming and leaving.

Then the young boy has to wait for a long to meet the wise man.

When the wise man came and listened to the curiosity of knowing the secret of happiness.

The wise man have no time so he said the young boy to look around the palace and return in two hours.

The wise man also has a task, he bought a spoon with drops of oil in it.

And said after returning in two hours I want the oil in the teaspoon.

The young man took the teaspoon and started discovering the palace.

But he was not admiring the palace rather taking care of the oil in the teaspoon.

Without removing his eyes from the teaspoon when he returned to the wise man, he asked how is the palace?

The young boy didn’t reply to anything as he was taking care of the teaspoon and didn’t notice the beauty of the palace.

Then he again said to discover the palace and return in an hour.

After returning in an hour the wise man asked where is the oil that I gave you to take care of?

The young man didn’t have an answer because when he saw the teaspoon the oil was not there.

He was so much admiring the beauty of the palace that he didn’t know when the oil spilled.

The wise man said, “The secret of happiness is to see the marvels of the world without forgetting the drops of oil in the spoon.”


The real secret of happiness is to enjoy the world which is a gift from God without forgetting the duty.


We see in life how people didn’t understand to balance life by fulfilling the duty and enjoying the world.

They all get destroyed in the world or their duty.

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